The Agent Builder Network (ABN) is a network that connects real estate industry experts, developers and realtors interested in residential sales events. Our industry expertise and first-rate relationships with real estate developers allow us to connect realtors to the best sales opportunities for not only high-rise condos but for mid-rise condos, stacked townhomes, traditional townhomes and detached properties as well.

The Agent Builder Network (ABN) helps Toronto realtors expand their business by connecting them to more residential real estate sales opportunities. Our club benefits from over 50 years of experience that our founders from PMA Brethour Realty Group bring and the relationships they’ve cultivated over the years with developers in the GTA. This is why we can confidently say that when you join ABN you’ll get priority access to the best opportunities.

ABN not only connects realtors to sales events, it empowers them with the best tools and market insights to help make prospecting and sales more efficient. More specifically, you’ll have access to a personalized campaign for every investment project, which includes email templates and property summaries. The materials will cite the latest research and industry trends and thoroughly outline investor advantages as well as investment terms and financial models. These campaigns will not only make you look like a pro and increase your odds of making sales, they’ll save you the time it would have taken to put together yourself.

Finally, ABN isn’t just about the privilege of priority access to exclusive pre-construction events or streamlining your marketing efforts. When you join ABN, you’ll gain access to our Expert Network who are industry experts and consult on specialties ranging from finance to design to law.

Welcome to the new age of pre-construction residential real estate. It’s time to join the club.

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